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        Self RealizationPeople go to school in order to study; without much effort majority are empowered to discover themselves while making use of the knowledge earned. While this may be the case, most educational systems tend to generate workers as opposed to self starters. This explains why the society is made up of graduates seeking employment. It is quit sad as they are subjected to compete with some who may have been disadvantaged thus never hard the privilege of accessing education. Education alone doesn’t however guarantee a good life. One is expected to go an extra mile in relating theory to practice owing to there being different avenues in life. The perspective borrowed could however dictate whether one is likely to make it in life (Hanushek & Wobmann, 2007).


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  How to Score Well In an Essay  Essays are an elemental part of human communication. They are used in evaluating the mastery of a language or certain academic material as in schools, in learned debates among other functions. The educational function of an essay is heavily employed in assessing students the world over- as such, an ability to write a good essay is indispensable.

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Quantitive  AnalysisHypothesis testing gives a basis for taking thoughts or theories that an individual initially build up about the economy or empowering or markets, as well as then making a decision whether these thoughts are true or sometimes when they are false. Quantitative analysis in simple terms is defined as a scientific advance to management decision building. Quantitative analysis comprises of five steps that are utilized in its advance. The step comprises of :

  • 1.     the null hypothesis as well as the alternate hypothesis.
  • 2.     the suitable test statistic as well as level of significance.
  • 3.     the decision rules and regulation.
  • 4.     Compute the suitable test statistic as well as making the decision.
  • 5.     Interpreting the decision selected.

When a distinction is statistically important, it means that the difference is maybe not due to likelihood. This does not tell effectively if the distinction is meaningful or minor! Effect sizes give one  a quantitative way to charge to what a degree a significant distinction may also be substantively vital(Terrell, 2012).

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Obesity is quickly reaching pandemic proportions- the World Health Organization estimates that more than 10% of the human population is obese. Additionally, 23% of the Ischemic Heart Disease, 44% of the diabetes burden and 7-41% of a number of cancer burdens have been attributed to obesity and overweight. This is, of course, on top of psychological and self-esteem discomfort.

As a result, there has been a race to craft solutions, some medical others plain insane, to deal with obesity. This has seen the rise of special diets, weight loss medication and metabolic surgery all designed to help people lose weight. Some, like the diet fad, have been discredited by the scientific community while others, especially metabolic surgery, have grown in popularity.

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