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No matter how good a company you have, if you cannot convey what your business is about through business proposals, marketing plans or other business related letters, you may not make it off the ground. It is essential to be able to communicate effectively with your clients, business partners, stockholders and potential investors. If you cannot do this, you may flounder about trying to make any headway as a business. 

U.K. Writing Centre has writers well versed and experienced in the various business letters and papers that a company or business needs to get the work done. It is our goal to help you and your business succeed by providing high quality, professionally written business documents such as: 

Business Plan

Any business needs investors in order to grow and reach its full potential. One of the best ways to win investors over and encourage them to consider your business for investing their capital would be through the submission of a well thought out, well articulated business plan. This will clearly identify your business goals and objectives, put forth the reason behind your setting up a business and state why it would be a good investment to partner with you. A detailed discussion about your entire business before our writing will take place in order for us to understand fully what your company is about. We take pride in getting to know who and what we are writing about before we put it into paper.

Business Marketing Plan

n order for any business to grow and expand its horizons, there needs to be a clear and precise course of action for the business to take. A necessary part of this expansion will involve a marketing plan, which will describe in detail your marketing and advertising efforts for the coming year. It is essentially the broad strokes of how you intend to create awareness and recall for your brand or business. Key points needed would be a situation analysis of the market as it is currently, identifying your target audience, your realistic and measurable goals for the year, the strategies and tactics you intend to pursue in order to achieve these goals, and finally your budget. An in depth discussion would be required in order to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the plan.

Business Proposal

Sometimes people need some persuasion before they purchase a product or service. That, in essence is what a business proposal is. You present your case and why it would be in the BUYER’S best interest to buy the product or service. It is your chance to pitch your product or service in the best possible light. And to do this succinctly yet persuasively is the key. Make it too long and you will lose their interest. Make it too short and they may doubt your mettle. Leave it to us and we’ll come up with an excellent proposal worthy of your target buyer’s attention!

Executive Summary

This is the summary  at the beginning of a business plan that encapsulates your rationale for writing the business plan. It must be precise and to the point to hook your potential investors or buyers. And if we can do your business plan, we can certainly manage this.

Grant Proposal

It’s not that easy to convince people to part with their money. But if you have a project worthy of notice and need funding, a grant proposal may be your ticket to getting it off the ground. By focusing on the aspects of the project most worthy of attention, you may be able to get the help you need.

Business Letters

The everyday variety of letters that convey the different workings of a company is a reflection of your competence as a business. A poorly worded letter may speak volumes beyond its content and may detract from its contents. Let us help you maintain your professional image by writing your important business letters for you.

Many more!. There are still many other types of business writing, and we will be happy to discuss the other types we can write for you. We’re just a mouse click away!


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