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FAQ is as a short form of frequently asked questions. As we all know majority of our customers have several questions that needs answers then that’s why we have developed this tool to make sure that we get enough feedback from them.

When it comes to essay writing several customers have not been able to understand what we offer and what are our abilities in the field of writing. Some have even come out openly to us and asked these two crucial questions leading us to developing this very important tool in our site.

Some of the frequently asking questions by our customers are:

1.What is an essay?

2.What is a coursework?

3.What is a research paper?

4.What is a case study?

5.What is a dissertation?

6.What is a thesis?

7.What is a research proposal?

8.What is book summary?

9.What is a book review?

10.What is a film review?

11.What is a lab report?

12.What is a personal statement?

 Some of the customers who have been visiting us usually come not knowing what they are looking for. In this case as we have developed this tool we are now able to get questions from them online and are able to answer them promptly or they can easily get answers from our frequently asked questions answers given.

Our staff sat down and reviewed the most frequently asked questions by our customers and came out with a summary of them one by one. The questions asked above were found to be the mostly asked and their answer were organised one by one. Our staff came up with enough explanations as to what all these terms are all about, their use and the places where they are in common use.

With this kind of explanation the customers have been able to understand what they are looking for even before visiting us as we look forward to giving them a lasting solution to their needs. In the past they used to come to us looking for the services that they never required. This took us much time to explain and convince them on what they were in need of. This took us much of our time and sometimes inconvenienced us a lot as most customers thought they knew what they were looking for only to find out later that they were looking for a different kind of service from us.

All the questions stated above refer to a certain item that we deal with and if not well understood a customer might insist to get a different service from the one that is relevant to the need.

Due to the explanations given in our specific web pages based on the questions we gathered from our customers and our customers to be, we have also been able to give out their examples and incase a customers needs more examples we normally send them upon request for them to choose from. A wide variety of examples are in place and in just a matter of hours they are sent via our website to the potential customers in need.

With these and more sample of questions we are going to receive from our esteemed and potential customers we will be able to come up with more answers to meet a solution to their problems.



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You are here: UK Writing Services Home FAQs