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For a good essay writer there are many things that are to be taken into consideration before and after the work of client done. One the most important thing is the guarantees. Each and every customer requires to be given guarantees on many issues related to the kind of work submitted for writing by a writer.

Money back

The first thing that a customer needs as far as guarantees are concerned is getting the right quality job done and if not a full refund of the money is done instantly. There should be a hundred percent money back arrangement if the work done to a customer is not of the standard that was needed.


Guarantees related to plagiarism is another most important thing that a customer should ask for incase the work fails to meet the required standards. A writer giving content to a customer that is the same as somebody else’s work is totally wrong and is quite illegal.


The work of a client should always be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality as this forms the greatest part of the guarantees that many rogue writers fail to fulfill. We understand that any leakage in a client’s information is usually very harmful and usually lead to huge loses on the customer’s and on the writer’s side.


All the work given to us is given to a qualified graduate in the field relative to the customer’s job as part of our guarantees for high quality end results. The organization will never trust at any time a quack to do a customer’s job no matter the size of work that the organization has. The organization believes in quality work to a customer for total satisfaction and confidence.

Final grade

If a customer orders from us a sample answer in order to do the work alone and later uses our marking services we usually feel that everything must work well to the person as per our guarantees. No one has ever failed using this method that has been tested by us for long.


Due to the importance of a customer meeting the set deadlines for certain work provided to us we value this so much as it forms part of our meeting the customer’s satisfaction and confidence with us. As part of our guarantees we make it sure that the work given to us is finalized and polished very well prior to the customer’s set deadline.

Resale or publishing

Failure to meet this part of guarantees of not selling a client work to somebody else later or publishing it is quite illegal as the customer has a right to sue the organization. We don’t deal with such things as we are professionals in the field of writing and we know what a resale or publishing can affect a person. The company never puts a customer’s work into an external database or a website in order to meet this demand as far as guarantees are concerned.

Writer availability

The company will only accept and order if there is a writer for the kind of work presented by a customer. This guarantees the customer that the work must be done and in accordance with the time limit set. Picking an order without fulfilling its requirements is quite at times embarrassing and cost effective to a customer and writer.



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