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Personal Statement

When it comes to writing a personal statement this is where many people find it very tough as telling of own life story is very hard as giving the achievements that a person doesn’t have is truly hard. For example if a person is told to write about own childhood it is very hard to do so though talking about own mentor is a bit easy.

With a professional writer this process of writing on behalf of another person is very easy. The writer has to plan on the information to start with while writing and the one to come last. The personal statement must be written in form of mixer of a personal letter and the formal style. All these are aimed at impressing the reader about own life and motivations.

Unlike other papers like an essay, coursework, research paper, case study, dissertation, thesis, research proposal, book summary, book review, film review and lab report, a personal statement is the most complicated of all these documents as it simply talks about the writer.

Why me?

There are several considerations a person is supposed to get answers to before commencing in writing the statement. The person’s uniqueness and the kind of history to prove that one is better than the others must be well outlined.

The other one is the kind of interest that the person developed in the field that the said wants to prove to be the best and also when this interest was developed matters a lot. The kind of learning that a person has undergone in the field whether formal or informal is also very important to be outlined. The kind of learning got should be outlined as whether it was through reading, seminars or classes. If also got through working experience this should also be elaborated well for clarity.

Apart from the learning process that the person making the statement has undergone through, career goals are also very important. Well a person sometimes undertakes several courses that might at times be very irrelevant to the field working in or aiming to advance own studies in. Clearly set career goals make the statement a much more realistic document.

Scoring grades

If there are great differences in the scores attained during the learning process they should be well explained about their occurrence. Having low scores in the beginning and ending up having the highest ones at the end is a thing to be explained in details in the statement.

Any economic, familial or physical hardships that a person underwent throughout the life must be indicated and how they were overcame.

Potentials related to the owner of the statement must be well shown and if possible how to improve the current status of the person using the potential. A clear demonstration of the said potential should be well shown and not just a matter of saying about them.

Apart from the normal learning process the statement is supposed to include all the skills of the statement owner. Major skills like leadership and communication must also be demonstrated well by citing several examples. Lastly the document is supposed to show how a person if given a chance will be in future and the many reasons to support this. These reasons must be strong enough to convince the reader of the statement.


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